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Android users will be able to download mobile casino apps

Android users know that downloading real money mobile casino apps is a tricky process. Play Store’s policy does not allow real money gambling apps. Because of this, users had to take a roundabout way in order to download them. But this is all set to change, as Google has some good news in store for Android users. Starting March 1st, the Alphabet-owned company will finally allow real money gambling apps on Play Store.

The decision applies to all kinds of real money gambling apps. Soon enough, Android users will finally have their favorite mobile casino apps available to download directly from the Play Store. That’s a very significant change. Prior to this, the only way for Android users to download mobile casino apps was directly from the operator’s website. While this is a big step forward, it’s also worth mentioning that these changes won’t happen overnight. Google already has new guidelines in place to allow real money gambling apps on Play Store. The providers must meet ten requirements, which include providing a valid gambling license.

Downloading Mobile Casino Apps on Android

The new Play Store policy for real money gambling apps represent an important change coming from Google. While Apple allowed iOS users to download these apps directly from App Store, that wasn’t the case for the search engine juggernaut. Of course, Android users still had ways to enjoy their favorite mobile casino apps. Rather than using Play Store to complete the download, Android users had to get the apps from the operator website instead. On the other hand, Android users had to complete the installation process manually. For the less tech-savvy users, it could be a difficult task.

This entire process is now set to become much easier. Starting in March, Android users will only need to pop up Play Store, search for the app and download it. Then, it’s all up to the phone itself to complete the installation. But that’s not the only positive to come out of this episode. Once mobile casino apps become available on Play Store, it will also provide additional safety to users against potential scammers.

Mobile Casino Apps on Play Store

Starting in March, Play Store will allow real money gambling apps and daily fantasy sports apps, as well as gambling ads. However, Google requires these apps to follow specific requirements. These requirements aren’t that different from the usual measures taken by reputable mobile casinos. In order to apply, mobile casinos must have a reliable age verification process and provide a valid gambling license. Now if you are an experienced mobile casino player, these guidelines aren’t necessarily new. After all, trusted mobile casinos, such as our affiliated sites, must also follow them.

Downloading apps directly from the operator’s website is a safe process, as long as it’s a reliable casino. However, having mobile casino apps available on Play Store will make things much easier. Not only does it provide users with additional guarantees, but it also speeds up the installation process. Now, the phone will complete the app installation automatically, rather than requiring the user to do it manually.

Google had already teased the possibility when it allowed gambling ads. Thanks to an ever-growing gambling market, especially in the US, it was only a logical next step to allow real money gambling apps on Play Store.

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