Covid-19 Lockdown Boosts Interest in Online Gambling

In that context, the $700 million of online gambling revenues expected in New Jersey alone this year represent significant tax earnings for the state, and others will be looking at that as they struggle for income.

Online lockdown gambling has become extremely popular

While the world economy is currently plunging, Covid19 boosts revenue for online gambling.  The need to isolate millions of people has meant the forced suspension of many business activities, essentially suspending some industries completely.  Entire cities such as Manhattan and Nevada were shut down completely.

Millions of clubs, casinos, restaurants, and bars were closed and people were adapting to the new lockdown life.  There was a huge surge in searches for gambling keywords.  Some related phrases used in google searches were online casinos, online poker, and others.  Online lockdown gambling has become extremely popular, with huge revenue rises for online casinos.  Online gambling revenue rose by 65% in New Jersey during this March 2020.  Similar cases of increased revenues are repeated everywhere there is access to online gambling.

Lucky misfortune?

The online casino industry has seen a very different response.  With physical casinos inaccessible, online gambling has boomed in popularity as millions of bored casino gamblers.  However, playing casino games online is not limited to regular casino goers.  Thanks to technology, casino games have become more appealing, and accessible.  Some casino games like mini-slots games are good toilet fun with the “Play for Free” option available in most casino games.

With this increased demand for online gambling, the industry could be changed dramatically by the Covid19 pandemic in several ways.

Increased legalization

One of the largest challenges for online gambling and sports betting remains the fact that in many states it still illegal.  This is particularly challenging for online casinos who by their nature are designed to be location independent.  It requires significant and costly management to prevent users in specific states from joining and using the platform.

However, analysts at Morgan Stanley have suggested that the ongoing situation could lead to more states legalizing online gambling.  With such popularity where legal, it would certainly benefit state governance to enable legal online casinos.  There is definitely more than popularity that would drive such decisions.

It’s time to get online

The reality of the pandemic is that national income has drastically reduced.  Many industries are left having no clear path to normality.  Those revenues will continue to dwindle.  In that context, millions of online gambling revenue expected this year.  This represents significant tax earnings for existing online gambling jurisdictions.  Other states might consider legalizing online gambling.  This would be a good revenue stream as they struggle for an income boost during this covid19 pandemic.

That doesn’t mean we are likely to see online casinos legal in every state any time soon.  There is a chance that states and countries where online gambling is legal could rise in the coming months.

Play and have fun if you can

Online casinos continue to provide fun escapism during this unprecedented time for those looking for entertainment in the comfort of your home.  There are many online casinos that accept customers from other regulated jurisdictions.  Mobile Casino games are a great way to cope with the lack of entertainment.  Check out and enjoy the virtual escape from lockdown that an online casino represents may increase significantly.

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